Why do you need this Radiation/Theft Protection Pouch? Well, we need protection from the things we can’t see. The GPS, Bluetooth, RFID chips, and mobile internet signals of your smartphones, credit cards, building access keys, remote car keys/key fobs, passports and smart watches, unfortunately can be stolen without our knowing from digital thieves. A secondary function this item also exhibits is what we call a, “I don’t want be bothered”, mode. What is that you might ask? No need to put your phone on, “do not disturb”/“airplane mode”, if there is a time you don’t want to talk. Just slip your phone in this pouch and you wont receive a call until you remove. This case does all that and also helps to protect (by reducing) radiation from the above said devices.

Radiation/Theft Protection Pouch

Radiation/Theft Protection Pouch
  • Material: polyester + faraday sleeve

    Size: 7.6” x 4.3”

    Weight: 49.5g/0.11lb

    Block these signals: Mobile signals, GPS, Bluetooth, RFID, radio signals Wi-Fi. 

    Applications: Smart phones, key fobs, building access keys, credit cards, thumb drives, smart watches.